Friday, October 15, 2010

Walking Alone

Its been a long time since I wrote anything meaningful or written anything at all. Life has changed a lot in 2010. It certainly has changed so much that I feel it has come a full circle. I find myself standing at the same place today where perhaps I was standing a few years ago. But I was younger then, I had dreams of what is held in the future, well today I know what was there in the future as it becomes my past. Well anyways few more years down the line, I will write again about what is in store for a next few years too…
Meanwhile this is something which mirrors my current emotions today…Maybe a few broken souls can empathize….

I was born in this world with closed eyes and marvelous dreams
When I opened my eyes I say pain, blood, tears and screams
As I walked on all fours around the plastered floor under the shades of the Neem
I saw how the world was, to me it was wonderful it seems

A hand pulled me up and I learnt to walk, slowly and carefully treading my path
I never knew that it was broken, dead ended sometimes, I just walked not caring about the aftermath
A loner always, a privileged one some said, I never knew what love and care was
Life began to move so fast, without any pause

The hand that guided my earlier smiled as I began to run
Running was something I enjoyed, something I felt was fun
As a loner it was my destiny to run fast, faster than anyone’s reach
But I was human, and humans are social they preach

As I ran, I met a few who ran alongside me
But as a steed my goal was the only thing I could see
I never knew that life is a journey and not a destination
I forgot who ran with me and the goal became my fascination
There were a few souls which I should have waited for taking a break in my marathon
Atleast I realize that today as I stand alone in an oblivion
My heart sometimes pounds for what I gained and what I lost
I yearn for the calm pine forest and the winter frost

Today as I stand alone, I feel the autumn leaves are falling around will the wind blowing them away
I realize what I gained and how much have I lost as I kept running all my way
Maybe loneliness is what I sowed, so that is what I shall reap
There is no sense today in feeling miserable or to weep

They say the soul never dies, but I defied them all today
My body still remains, but my soul did die away
I no more run today, just drag on like a lifeless corpse
In the life that is left, the only emotion today is remorse

I wish I could run backwards to the souls I met a while ago
Hold their hands and never let it go
I may not have won the race then running so fast
But then it wouldn’t have mattered even if I would have stood last


wildflower said...

Honesty drips from the words.. Most of our lives are like that only. Ups and downs, and for the more sensitive of us, downs and downs. I don't want to give a consolation, because I know they don't work out. Taking life as it comes, we develop our inherent defenses, you too will :) Keep writing, it helps!

Anonymous said...

A very soulful poem...I can surely feel your emotions!

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