Sunday, January 30, 2011


Turmoil, a weird turmoil resides in my heart
Turmoil, a strange turmoil ever moment tears me apart
With each passing moment the darkness grows as I stand
Turmoil, an engulfing turmoil is piercing my soul like a shard

Turmoil, an unknown turmoil, is trying to take me down
Turmoil, a devilish turmoil, runs from dusk to dawn
I try to break free, but to no use, it surrounds me all over
Turmoil, an overpowering turmoil, is trying to make me its pawn

Someone calls me in the distance, as my heart hears it out
As I take steps towards the voice, because my heart wants to follow the route
I try to stop my heart from straying as I am scared of the turmoil
Sometimes I just wish that my own plans to foil

Earlier too this turmoil tried to reside in my heart
Earlier too this turmoil tried to tear me apart
Memories of thorns from the past still look like a bed of roses
The turmoil is still there, piercing my soul like a shard.

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