Sunday, January 23, 2011

24 Carat

When I was young I was too fascinated with all the different shiny metals that often found mentioned in treasures of the world. I never knew what was 22 carat or 24 carat gold. One day my mom sat down and explained me all. She since then always used to say "there is no use of 24 carat gold, too much purity of the mind makes you vulnerable to the hammer blows of the world".

I never paid attention to this line till a few weeks back, she still says this once in a while adding to it she says, "some impurities may reduce your value to the world but its better off that way rather than being an object of desire to everyone and being showcased in a museum".

Its her wise words and as a son it is upto me whether to take them at face value or not. perhaps she is right, perhaps I am right. No one knows.

In counter belief I always thought that it is the 24 carat gold nugget that stands the litmus test, as everything else just dissolves in th acidity of the world. The whole world may desire the shiny nugget of 24 carat but only those who really deserve it are ever able to lay their hands upon it and once they do, it becomes so dear to them that they would protect it with their lives.

It is this 24 carat gold lump which is moulded into a sovereign and makes a standard for the worth o the money all around the world.

Dont know which of the two arguments is closer to the truth of life. Only time makes you realize whether the postulate you assumed to chalk out your life was right or wrong.

PS: In case you find these posts disturbing do let me know, in case you have another prospective on life, do comment.

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