Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Leap of Faith

This is a a very amateur post. It’s a post about a character, I know very closely. It may not resemble any of you or you may find certain shades of yourself in him. Like any other post, my protagonist is going to have a name, lets call him Abhay (Me and my love with letter ‘A’). Anyways, this post is only going to be about Abhay and no one else. Its like an ego sketch of this twenty something guy. Around six feet tall, fair with sharp features and dark mahagony colored hair. Resembles some movie star many say, well he looks good enough to be a model himself but is far from being one. Lives in a small two bedroom house somewhere in the suburbs of a large metropolis, college educated but not working in any job in any company. He is arrogant, stubborn and loyal by nature, wellmany o us would be thinking what is Abhishek trying to say here. Why a rich brats description in his post. Anyways let me go on talk a little more. This guy is not rich, an average well to do typical family but off late he has been living alone. Hardly knows how to cook, lives off magi and some other weird ready to eat delicacies (read Rajma Chawal aka Kidney beans in tomato gravy and Rice) from the small neighbourhood stall.

He is not employed but he is always busy, always tied up with things. Always calling people, making arrangements for something or the other. His circle of friends has a long list of PYTs (pretty young things) yet for him something is much more important in life. It is called faith, faith in himself, his ability to succeed, to win and go beyond where most of his caliber would never even dream of going. He is no Slumdog Millionaire but he is still trying to prove himself and reach where few are destined to reach. I ask him whom you idolize, he says “Dhirubhai Ambani”, as both of us sit on the floor of his modest house munching Tandoori Roti and same old Rajma from the neighbourhood stall. I ask him, how do you feel sometimes taking the unknown path, he replies ,“Bhai darr lagta hai kabhi kabhi, but zindagi bhar yahan to nahi reh sakta na.”, pointing towards his house. “Sometimes I feel that a job like yours would have been much more secure, I don’t even know tomorrow, if whatever I do today will even help me. One moment it may all vanish.”, he adds.
“Faith, it’s the tiny steps we take each day which are actually leaps of faith make us realize our destiny. It is these tiny steps that make or break our lives.”, I add philosophically. Today I see this guy take an ordinary path, something which an average guy his age would always fear, I know I would most of the time. Sometimes we do have doubt in our ability, certain instances I recall were when I gave my first interview, the first time I asked a girl out, the first time I appeared to be ragged in front of a senior, but then had I stopped there that day, I would have not even been an iota of a man I am today (as I look in retrospect). What took me ahead was faith and rest followed itself.
I see this guy making good money in an honest and hardworking way, toiling hard, moving from town to town to do something which he loves. Still at the end of the day when he sits with his pals in some smoke filled pub, he is still laughing around and seem to be happy and contended. No one cares for where he sits when he eats or which car he drives. All they know is one happy go lucky guy who is walking an unknown path, who is happy and fighting against the most powerful enemy of the world called life. No one knows that he like millions of us still has doubt and fear but still he is the bravest in my eyes as he is trying to conquer them.
I don’t know what would be the take away from this post. Maybe it is a small tribute to hundreds if not thousands of those young fellows who have taken the leap into the unknown making a mark of their own as entrepreneurs. They work really hard as compared to us lazy buggers who just wait for the last week when we can see our salary slips.

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Aseem Gaurav Kujur said...

The unknown is so known to us now! Lol! We belong to the same race, for Abhay is no different from you and me.
Like they say, "if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain"!

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