Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thou Shall Not Fall To Destiny

Its not that I am not afraid of failure, its not that my soul is made of steel. Its not that I don't sit down alone sometimes to introspect what went wrong but every morning when I rise, I rise with the hope against hope.

Times will always be turbulent, uncertainty will always rule in our hearts, it is this fear of losing everything that keeps me on my toes, though it is aging me faster than most mortals but then I do not need sleep to see dreams, dreams beyond the normal vision of someone who has been fed by a silver spoon and driven around.

It is not the shield of greenbacks that strengthen my character, it is the blood and sweat that I lost in countless days I toiled, it is these stones of destiny that have sored my feet that I still use to sharpen my Excalibur.

While I sharpen the edge, my hands have not always been safe either, but then it is the sight of blood itself that has made me stronger with each passing day. Years have passed since I took the first step out of my den. I was young and restless, not that I have lost my hunger to this day but I realize that I can make for another day without the elixir of success.

I stand by the side of the fast moving jungle wih animals of all type and size, some big, some are small, some are running fast, faster than they can imagine, slower than they expect. I laugh at them sometimes since they think they will outpace their destinies. Some fall badly as they run only to be eaten by bigger ones who move behind them.

Most of them are confused, as to why they are running along, is there a fire in the jungle, some dont even know but then there is always a silver lining that eludes most of us. One is there that awaits me too, though I am not running, I know it is coming towards me, faster than anyone can ever imagine. Some will say this creature is crazy but then staying foolish is all I can do for now.

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