Friday, June 03, 2011

The Art of Life

As I sit down today to pen down a couple of thoughts today after a really really long time. Few of my unfortunate friends have even pinged me for why I havent written anything for so long. Anyways last 1 year has been the biggest rollercoaster of my life making it a really really special one for me (though most of it was bad, but still I see as good things coming out of it.) Anyways I still see a lot of people with a pretty myopic vision of life who end up cursing few others who are more successful than them in life. Here are a few things I learned over the last few years, they may sound a bit over the hill, but even if you try to incorporate one of them, I am sure somewhere a few years down the line you will thank me for it.

1. Learn to accept change, in the long run, it is always for the good. I have seen a lot of old men resistant to change, but even a few stubborn guys and gals not ready to accept it, try to be open to ideas pertaining to change, your way may not always be the right way.

2. Stop taking pride in smoking away the blues, drinking away to the joy and sorrow of life or even worse going towards the "get high" school of thought. If you are in your mid twenties and smoking and drinking, its likely that you will miss your child's twentieth birthday or your own fiftieth birthday. The Liver and lungs are not meant for you to play with. If you are so sure, try to run a kilometer or two and you will see why your stamina is going downhill. Every other day I encounter one or the other jackass who takes pride in doing a stupid relay of liquor or being a chain stud. Stop kidding with yourself.

3. Learn to respect those who have invested their lives for you. Be it your parents, grandparents, siblings or even some great friends. The odds are in a few years you will realize that they are not around and then you will realize that a piece of the jigsaw of your life is missing.

4. Love like there is no tomorrow, but forget a cheater without recall. Nothing lasts forever, not even love. Its the way two individuals care about each other that counts as after a certain number of years, the crazy hormones responsible for being in love are no longer produced in your brain, so its upto you to make or break anything. However, if someone ever cheated on you, for no matter what reason, forgive them and close them out of your life. I will not say move on, but will say love yourself more.

5. Save while you are young. All of us have desires, all of us have needs. Everyone wants to live like a prince or a princess, but the hard fact of life is that unless you are already born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you will be slightly better off than your parents who were slightly better off than your grandparents. It is entirely upto you to be richer than that extrapolation of wealth by your own intelligence and streetsmartness. Save atleast 40% of your earnings till you are not married and 30% post your marriage. Never should your savings go to waste, invest carefully and you will see that red ferrari in your garage by the time most people hit for a mid life crisis.

6. There are absolutely no free lunches. A company will only pay you the 10% of what profits you make for it and that is the maximum limit. High paying jobs come with high risk of health/ wealth/life/employment, large amount of work pressure or in most cases a mix of both. Then there are also certain set of jobs which require subject matter experts who have devoted a large chunk of their lives in gaining knowledge when you were fooling around with a girl in your hostel room.

7. Learn to respect three type of people outseide your immediate circle. a) The nerds - You never know you might end up working for one someday. b) The selfmade princes - Never underestimate what a man can do, if he has enough determination. Rags to riches examples flock in dozens in todays world. c) Cocky bastards who have a deadly mix of both - few are such men but when you encounter such a guy/gal, dont think he is just talking about palaces in thin air. You might regret later.

8. Respect yourself, your own intellgence and f**k the luck. Yes luck does play a part in our lives. I have myself been at the recieving end several times but even in the nadir of my life till now, I never gave up. I never suspected my intelligence, and even screwed the jackasses who tried to do so. Learn to respect yourself, being a little egoistic is good but always carry the humbleness of a tree with fruits. Work hard and give it your best. It may take a while but you will certainly be rewarded. Even in my worst of days, I continued to work twenty hours a day so the harder you work, the luckier you get.

9. Be truthful, honest and maintain integrity even in the hardest of times. Its not bad to admit that you are not going through the best of times but then its no reason to lie or decieve anyone.

10. Never give up learning, gaining knowledge is a lifelong process and its entirely upto you whether to embrace it or maintain your life in an ignorance is bliss mode.

At the end, I would say no matter where you are today, your past will seldom matter to your future life. But decisions made today will surely decide whether in the future you will regret or celebrate your wishful thinking.

Yours Truly

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The Amateur said...

i like ur 10th point very much
only this point can take all the heat of professional life and a person can rise no matter wats the condition.. :)

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