Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Thousand dreams to live - Part X.X

For those who are regulars of this blog, I must apologise first as I have been wasting a lot of my time doing stupider stuff than not writing anymore. One reason maybe that I have simply lost interest, well maybe but then after a long day and probably busier weekends I hardly find time to rant here. :) Anyways its Diwali time and almost after 4 years I am back at home to celebrate it here in the place of my birth. (for those who dont know - Dilli Oye). Recently I read some stuff by a chick about a delhi boy, LOL thats wat I can say, I wish I could give her some sense. Anyways this post is not about her or the millions of egoistic chicks like her. Its about Diwali ..... YAY....

Well first of all I want to wish all you guys and gals a very safe and happy Diwali. Dont overeat this festive season and do remember yours truly while making your gift lists. I accept cash and kind gifts. Those who wish to do an online transfer can seek my ICICI account on my email.

The whole motive of writing this post was to talk about Diwali and that too especially the one I have seen since childhood in Delhi. Just a couple of days back as I was driving my way out from a friend's place, I saw a young lad taking a pain in moving around his house and putting up those long wires with small microcontroller controlled electric lights in a south Delhi household. Deja Vu - It reminded me of the several rounds of those old lights in some box in my house awaiting to be put fr decoration this Diwali and for a moment I was back in the years of the late nineties when my basic Diwali chore was to put up the lights ( the bigger ones like taking sweets to people's house, buying crackers, getting flowers for Diwali day from the Mehrauli flower mandi and paying a customary visit to the Chandni Chowk aka Delhi 6 were also there ). I was certainly fond of it. I have always been fond of anything to do with fire or electricity in the modern parlance, maybe that was the reason I was notoriusly famous for snipping all the cable tv operator wires every summer to make sure I get uninterrupted supply of cartoon network and star world. I remeber how I used to get up at 6 on the day of my chore (as decided by myself), gathered all wires, bulbs, pliers, screwdrivers, electric socket extentions, black tape and other paraphernalia and started with what usually ended as a two hour marathon of cutting, taping, nailing of lights all across my house roof and balconies. With each year passing by, I added a new set of lights making my chore bigger and bigger but then who was complaining.

Then came the satisfaction of seeing your house glowing in the night. When I moved out to our new place, there was almost an unannounced competition between house owners. Bigger houses, bigger sets of lights meant longer working hours and as usual I still sweat in october mornings, so a messy shirt at the end of it. Then when I went to college, I used to be at home only for 3-4 days and I always gave lame excuses to mom by just putting a couple of lights here and there and said "lets not waste power ...". Anyways for the last few years I have been out of the house and even the country ( and the continent) and in my absence all my five feet 2 inches mom could do was to put a couple of them on the ground floor balcony.

Well this year, I am back at home and guess its time that I search for all those pliers and tapes and get back to work. Atleast my mom should also get some RoI of making me study electronics.

Well there is also a sad part associated with the lights, you know your vacations are over when you dont see these glittering shiny lights on the streets anymore. It marks and end to the fun times of Diwali. So here comes the philosophy - I would take a pledge to keep these shiny lights remain lighted in my heart for the year to come and make sure that the festive season stays a lot longer this time.

To be a part of my several post long Diwali blogathon.
PS: Work is stressful but fun, I am happy to be with old friends and a new life :)
Gotta go search for those pliers and the wires.. bhai diwali mubarak ho zeee......

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Ritika Gupta said...

Reminds me of the pre-diwali trip in first year :)

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