Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fast & The Furious X.X

I am back, and sooner than I expected myself to be here. Again a sunday morning. A lazy one, well readers, I am sitting here on my bed with my number of phones and notebooks spread all across writing this post while I should have been getting ready for the F1 race finals. Well Diwali was fun, though my role was revolving around buying stuff, putting candles, decorating the house and taking money out of the ATM. Finally the weekend came and I like my lazy self should have wasted this one fruitfully sleeping and well ummm uhhh doing nothing but reading random stuff off the internet I was asked to join the First Ever Indian Grand Prix in a place called greater NOIDA. Reluctantly I being a good colleague agreed and readily accepted to cheer the Ferrari team whom we sponsor globally. Anyways it was the novelty effect, so I said why not lets give it a shot. Unlike the 1200 actual fans of F1 in India, I was the part of the larger team (1.2 billion -1200) non fans who dont know the A B C of motor racing besides names like Vettel, Alonso et al.

So on a saturday morning, when I should be clearly either sleeping in mid day or driving around, I was sitting in a Volvo with several other pseudo enthusiasts to a well umm a town some 70 km away from my posh South Delhi environ to see few cars burning rubber and making big noise. When we reached the venue that was actually in middle of nowhere, I saw a big race track with galvanized iron stands ( I was in south premium) on uneven earth spread with a green carpet. Cows mooed across the track and people were sitting gazing at a super smooth road (highly unlikely in India barring central Delhi). Most people were a part of the bigger entourage, offered tickets by corporates as they were employees, vendors and small clients (though I did saw some hot chicks in hotter hotpants) and I swear by their degree of hotness (habahabahaba) that they were hotter than the hottest cars :P :D.Anyways with the first car coming on track, the crowd did stood up to cheer but neither did they know the difference between teams and their cars, nor did they know that what is the actual fuss about. I mean why are so expensive cars running at such tracks burning millions of dollars for some one hour of fun.

Little that most people know that it is a mere conspiracy by auto and auto related companies to test their material strengths and designs of their products. Anyways back from the technical details, I saw a jump in the crowd, when the announcer said, Force India ( like everyone felt that Sachin of F1 just arrived). Well their car did look like the Indian flag. Anyways the noise of the rubber burning the tarmac was so much that neither could you ignore it nor can you live with it. With the first qualifier getting over, people lost interest and moving to the food stalls ( for cold food and hotter cold drinks). They did hover around and see the cars but it did became monotonous for almost all non fanatics ( rich well traveled boys who were sitting in the Paddock). Girlfriends were there to show their boys that they support their cause too, oldies were there to be a part of History. Anyways after the race, I was too tired to go back again the next day for the grand finale, so I decided to call it quits. For me a chilled out Sunday is a much more interesting thing to do that visit Mayacity :P.
All I was wondering about the last night was, will the operating expenses of the BIC, be compensated by the revenues of stale burgers and seats only. (PS: Dont try the burgers, keep to the sandwich, they are OK.)

BTW Never drive after an NFS Most Wanted Game ....Even after the game is over, you still drive as you drive in the game.

Just to end this post found an interesting post somewhere, so linking it here too :) Happy racing boys and girls. I am off for a drive. Image Source

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