Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lyf Is Lyk Dat Only !!!

Well, I am back after a really long time. Life has changed a lot in all this while, for good and for bad. I am a year older now and hopefully a bit wiser. Work has been hectic along with the travel & I have sat down finally to write something yesterday. Many of you pinged me and asked me to pen something down, so here it is. Hope you guys like it.

It s been years since I first started to walk
Been years since I played paper scissors and rock
Its been a while when I first left home to study
Been really long when I returned home with clothes all muddy

Though I am not complaining to you about my long lost childhood years
But then I realize I am old when marriages and babies are the new norm amongst my peers
I stopped celebrating birthdays long ago with cakes and all that pomp and show
Maybe it was my own way of stopping time and making myself grow

Life has been a rollercoaster all these years
I have grown out of my emotions and childhood fears
But new pages of chapters unknown still await me
Lot many things I await to know and see

In these times of merry & distress
I have met many new faces and cherished the old ones
Some grew near to my heart
While some did tore it apart

While many dream became a reality for me all this while
Many more dreams are making up a pile
I have learnt a lot in these times
Letting my soul free as the ringing wind chimes
I say to people I hope that I become wiser with years to come
While I really hope that I gain some more wisdom
I wish to god that I don’t lose the child in me during my entourage
I hope that I will still remain that reckless boy I was in the years to come

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