Sunday, August 16, 2009

To live and not plan !!!

It was a usual cloudy day, with the drizzle hitting my window panes
Its been more than a year, in this place of incessant rains
I never imagined I would be learning the art of deception called MBA
I was always a better engineer or scientist, but now it was all capital gains

Life changes in moments so brief
Emotions and feelings fill it which are as tender as an ocean reef
Some moments bring new joys, some bring remorse
God takes away all your plans away like a thief

I planned for a life of adventure, full of adrenaline
I never realized what was in store for me, who in the distance was calling
Now I have stopped making plans for the days ahead
I take each day, one at a time but like rain they keep falling

People talk about tactics and strategic intent
I say keep them aside and let them ferment
Always start with a fresh approach and mind
Never imagine conquering more than you can ascend

Life has a small coefficient of chaos inside
Don’t try to ignore it or keep it aside
Try to love it and embrace with open hands
And it will take you to the summit in sight


Anonymous said...

Great for thought!!!
Hope somebody learns sumthing, offers a lot :)

Saikam said...

What you wrote seems to be right... On a stage called 'life', we all are characters doing an extempore everyday !!!

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