Saturday, August 01, 2009

Friendship !!!

From M***** to S*********
This one is for a dear friend from a dear friend of his….
I am sorry to both of you but logistics didn’t permit me to do as told….
Anyways this one is for you guys and your friendship
Happy Friendship Day to u 2
And to all da great ppl who consider me as their friend
God Bless U All and hey me 2

Life is a pain to live and survive
Its like an unknown sea beginning with an endless dive
Then you meet some people just like you
Suddenly life turns out to be a party with a jive

Having friends is great, but having great friends is best
They fight with you, share crushes, rejoice and they test
Those without friends are hapless and sad
I guess having good friends is an evergreen fashion and not a fad

I have been lucky too, with so many good people around me
They are my courage; they are my luck that surrounds me
I would have died long ago a lonely life, had you guys not been with my soul
Its because of you all, that my life is still on the roll

Today they say is friendship day,
A time to rejoice with buddies as they say
I say why to rejoice just one day, when you can cherish it your entire life
I hope our friendship lives long, as today I pray


Munlite redefined said...

just one thing
" I will be there 4 u "ok just listen 2 dis
i dont kno any thing
but one thing
except dat one thing
u were alwayyss dere wen i needed u
bad tymes or gud
whether it was a friendship day or not

i will pray 2 god dat it remains lyk dis

Ethan said...

thx u so much !!!

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