Monday, August 10, 2009

Where is my destination ???

Where is my path, where is my destination
Where is my life taking me, is it salvation
I started off on a happy note
Will I be happy enough when I end and seek redemption?

Life is a journey to enjoy while it lasts
Life is a wet mould drying away in a cast
Life is dynamic, life is chaotic
Life is everything else but never poetic

Life has taken many alive
Life is indeed difficult for those who wish to survive
Mere survival is not the victory we choose
It’s only complete when we ditch death and loosen the noose

We meet many on this exciting journey of ours
Some experience are sweet, most of them are sour
Life is all about learning from mistakes
Its like walking on the edge with no supporting bars

I wish to say best of luck to all those who dare
Its not everyday, that we walk barefoot on flares
I do not know if we will see the light of dawn
In this big game of life we all are nothing but mere pawns

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