Friday, January 21, 2011

I dont know what to write.

Today is a weird day, too weird to be true. Life is indeed stranger than fiction. You plan out life right from the very beginning and seldom it happens to be like that by the time you finish.
I am clearly disturbed as a few of my regular readers may feel, more disturbed than I was ever. Well I am, as I always say I am being truthful to myself. This post is not about the negativity in my life. Its about introspection, more about damage control even though I myself know that the damage is beyond repairs in most parts.
Realizing that how just with a single conversation, a single email, a single phone call, a simple incident in the past your whole life would change. Sometimes it is for the worse but sometimes it is for the better also.
People ping me across seeing me depressed and try to motivate me. I thank all of them, I never expected them and the matter of the fact that they were bothered showed that they cared. There were a few others too whom I expected but they never showed up.
I may be talking more like a drunk man today, but in reality I believe a drunk man atleast lets his emotions out to the world and feel blissful himself.
In some years most of us would not be alive, who will care for what that drunk man said. Certainly it wont be written as a glorious chapter in history.
All of us have history, all of us have skeletons in the closets, It is upto us whether to let them be buried there or face the truth. I was told by few people that it is better to take a bitter medicine with sugar cubes. It hides the truth. They still abide by it, I still beg to differ, it is the bitterness that makes you realize the harsh reality of life. Someday if someone takes away your sugar cubes you would either be not able to take your medicine or you would go beyond disgust with the bitterness.

Bitterness is essentially the core of life, mind you I am not saying that be bitter to those who care about you. Life is more than your own ego. Humbleness takes you a long way, often I see young ambitious or should I say over ambitious individuals see life in a different prism of light. They feel that everyone around them is there to sooth their ever boosting egos. They mistake sugarcoated medicine for a permanent relief from all the pain and before they realize all they have been left with is the bitterness, and an over boosted ego which makes them fall on the ground one day very hard. Little do they realize that life is more than material possessions, more than the dollars you earned or the exotic trips you finished. It is more about the people whose hearts you won. More about the people who cried when you left the world.

In the end I feel that despite everything all of us should remember

"Things are for use and people are to love and not the other way around"

I dont even know why I wrote this post, felt that a lot of misguided people in this world exist. Those who see the degree or the car of a person before they see the person. I would sincerely suggest them to open their eyes, what you see is all paper and ink and steel and paint. Do not miss the gold inside the person who is sitting across.

PS: If you find this post disturbing, do let me know. I still sleep very few hours a day and lack o sleep might have forced me to write this post.

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Munlite redefined said...

That was one emotional and heart wrenching post i say...!!!!!!
Quite a change after the previous masterpieces...
Good luck ....

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