Sunday, January 16, 2011

Let Death Win

As I lay in an unkempt bed
Staring at the ceiling, I hold up my head
Tears roll down my eyes, I don’t know why
No matter how hard I try, couldn’t help but cry

Life was never going to be the same now I know
Sometimes I wish I had somewhere to go
Maybe I could end this all in just one blow
Better than living and dying every moment you know

As I lay at the nadir of my life
I battle an internal strife
The will to live is dying itself now day by day
I don’t know how long will I be able to hold on and stay

Sometimes I think about what happened to my life
Just one fine day, I got up and got the shock of my life
I wonder if I would ever be able to smile now
I guess, its time for me to take my final bow

You have cursed me to live a thousand deaths each living moment
I wish to die for once and for all, and let my corpse ferment
It is not easy to live like a dead man all my life
I wish to end it all and lose to my inner strife


Anonymous said...

Dear Abhi,

We pray for u, and hope that
you come out as winner, rather than situation winning over you. U are looking really cool, in the pic and I hope You understand your worth.

Munlite redefined said...

one more great work of urs .Keep it up !!!!!! well done :)

Anonymous said...

Wish dat ur nights wd b filled wid fireworks from every side...dat death wd b the breeze u cd find the message to live fr sumone...ur dreamseller s still waiting..jst sail on..

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