Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I shall rise again

They came in disguise and never let me realize
I was naïve and they caught me by surprise
It was all over they almost thought for me
As their knives stabbed my frames several times

But I was not to die, I was to live and fight
I have always fought, no matter what is the enemy’s might
I took their blows each o them coming in full force
As I bled, I stood up to return a favor and fight

I was torn apart, unable to walk but they could not touch my will to fight
I gathered my Excalibur and gave it a swing in full might
They knew that no matter what they do, they cannot kill my soul
It is now that they understand the meaning of the world ‘Invincible’ right

Every now and then the evil camp of destiny sends its coward spies
Deceit, treason and death is what inspire their lies
But every time they try to overthrow my will to fight
I rise again and return them a favor with all my might.

1 comment:

revolution said...

superb ...notwithstanding some extra rhymes ...

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